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Latest Experian statistics indicate the sobering debt crisis reality in SA; with more ways to incur debt than ever before.

As we move further into the challenges of COVID-19, this will only worsen as more and more consumers will be locked out of the economy. LayUp combats this problem, offering consumers a healthier form of access to the economy by enabling transactions in a way that is good for business and for the financial habits of South Africans. A digital payment solution that lets customers purchase without using credit.

LayUp’s mission is to build a more inclusive economy through digital alternative payment plans online and at point of sale. Determined by the merchant, these payment plans allow customers to break up the total cost of their purchase into simple monthly instalments with 0% interest. This new and innovative debt-free solution drives more sales for business owners, converting browsers into shoppers with a 60% increase in purchase completion rates with average order values going up by 25% per basket. LayUp also reduces drop-off rates at checkout by putting your items within reach of more consumers who previously wouldn’t have been able to transact with you.

To become a merchant, click here.

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