Brand & Business: The ‘Layup’ Story

“On an exciting 7th edition of  #BrandAndBusiness, we talk about a Financial Technology application called LayUp that was launched in 2018. LayUp is built to convert your website visitors into paying customers, by offering simple and flexible payment structures in the form of installments. LayUp can be integrated on B2B or B2C platforms.

This is revolutionizing personal websites with a sophisticated and palatable way of payment. This solution was built to handle collections and settlements so that you don’t have to.

LayUp is a challenger company that does not accept the status quo when it comes to the traditional financial services landscape or company culture. They believe in agile processes and creating efficiency and innovation using the software.

South Africans don’t need more debt. Therefore LayUp offers an innovative way to accept payment without increasing the burden of debt or exposing your business to risk. Some reasons to choose LayUp is because as we move further into the COVID-19 crisis our economy’s debt will only worsen as more and more consumers will be locked out of the economy. LayUp aims to take this problem away and create a healthy way of access to the economy.

The values of a company determines the quality and standard of service clients will receive. LayUp’s values includes being customer-centric, transparent, flexible, innovative, and purpose-driven to offer the best way to satisfy their customers.

LayUp’s mission is “Building a more inclusive African economy through digital alternative payments Online and at Point of sale.” We at Spiral can fully support their mission as it aims to create financial freedom for all African people.

LayUp is certainly one FinTech company to look out for as the Finance industry is becoming more and more digitally oriented.”

Thank you SPIRAL Marketing & PR for the great article and for featuring us in your #BrandAndBusiness


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