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LayUp Triumphs on TikTok: Celebrating 100,000 Followers!

Celebrating 100,000 followers on TikTok.

In a thrilling milestone for LayUp, we’re excited to announce that our TikTok community has surpassed 100,000 followers! This achievement not only marks a significant number but cements LayUp as the largest financial services platform on TikTok in South Africa. We couldn’t be prouder.

Embracing Tomorrow: Fintech Trends Shaping 2024

Embracing Tomorrow: Fintech Trends Shaping 2024

The financial technology (fintech) landscape is ever-evolving, and as we step into 2024, the industry continues to push boundaries, redefine norms, and revolutionise the way we interact with our finances. Let’s explore the compelling trends that are set to shape the future of fintech in the coming year.

Unveiling LayUp’s Black Friday Results

Black Friday

The echoes of Black Friday may have faded, but the reverberations of LayUp’s Black Friday Secret campaign continue to resonate. As we dissect the numbers, it’s evident that our efforts have not only exceeded expectations but set new benchmarks for LayUp as a payment solution.

Navigating the Spending Season: Unveiling the Fine Print of Credit

As the festive (a.k.a spending) season approaches, the allure of sales, promotions, and holiday festivities can lead many into the world of credit. While credit cards offer convenience and flexibility, it’s crucial to navigate the fine print to avoid potential pitfalls. 

Financial Inclusion in the Digital Age: The Role of Lay-By Payment Solutions

Financial Inclusion in the Digital Age: The Role of Lay-By Payment Solutions

In a rapidly evolving digital age, the landscape of financial services is changing dramatically. Traditional banking and payment systems are being reshaped by innovative fintech solutions, opening doors to financial inclusion for individuals and businesses previously underserved by the financial sector.

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