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LayUp provides an automated payment plan solution
that integrates seamlessly with your existing Shopify
e-commerce site at checkout via our Shopify Plugin.

Our free plugin for your Shopify E-Commerce website

LayUp is an alternative payment platform that increases sales and basket size by enabling your customers to Lay-By items with interest-free instalment plans with no setup costs or contracts.

Through the configuration settings, you simply define your business rules through two separate settings; the deposit down payment percentage and the final payment date as to when you want your customer to have paid up by.

Key plugin features

Configurable settings:

Set preferred deposit types and amounts, and payment plan durations across products.

Custom configurations:

Create payment plans for individual products, giving you the flexibility to have unique payment plan terms on different products.

Payment plan display option:

Choose to display the payment plan estimate on the cart page at checkout.

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Shopper dashboard:

After signing up with LayUp, customers have access to their LayUp payment plans via the ‘my account’ page.

Merchant Dashboard:

Merchant’s can access and view real time tracking, reconciliation & reporting through their own business dashboard.

Popup selection:

Choose between Lay-By and Subscription ‘learn more’ shopper pop-ups.

How to install our plugin

Follow the installation steps to integrate with the LayUp Shopify Plugin.

How our plugin works

The Customer Experience

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Shopify plugin

Connect LayUp to your business software to transact seamlessly
and enjoy automated collections and reconciliations.