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Unveiling LayUp's Black Friday Results

Unveiling LayUp’s Black Friday Results

The echoes of Black Friday may have faded, but the reverberations of LayUp’s Black Friday Secret campaign continue to resonate. As we dissect the numbers, it’s evident that our efforts have not only exceeded expectations but set new benchmarks for LayUp as a payment solution.

“It’s positive to see the adoption of the LayUp solution over Black Friday,” says Andrew Katzwinkel, founder and CEO. “We are a pre-payment service that lets customers save now and buy later. This means they won’t get the item immediately, but will have the benefit of checking out instantly with no credit check. Moreso, they’re not at risk of interest charged or late fees.”

“This becomes super attractive when a customer only has a limited amount available to make purchases. With LayUp, customers could secure their black Friday deal with only a deposit payment and then spread the instalments over time on their terms.” – Andrew Katzwinkel

Let’s delve into the key statistics of LayUp’s Black Friday success.

1. Record-Breaking Sales

The pinnacle of our triumph was an impressive R474,000 sale, marking the highest recorded sale during the Black Friday frenzy. This not only speaks volumes about the attractiveness of our offerings but also underscores the trust our users place in LayUp for their shopping needs.

2. Exponential Growth

The impressive 235% Year on Year (YoY) volume growth and 164% value growth are indicative of LayUp’s robust value-added service. We were able to position ourselves as a safe, convenient payment form, experiencing significant growth compared to the previous year.

3. Massive Reach

Our Black Friday campaign resonated across digital platforms, amassing 638,000 impressions. This widespread visibility showcased LayUp’s ability to interest audiences and make an indelible mark in the competitive Black Friday arena.

4. Traffic Surge to Merchants

A significant 220,000 results in traffic to our partner merchants underscore the symbiotic relationship LayUp fosters within its ecosystem. Black Friday channelled users to our merchants, both in-store and online, empowering businesses to thrive in the heightened shopping occasion.

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As we reflect on these numbers, it’s evident that LayUp’s Black Friday Secret campaign was not just about deals and discounts. It added value, convenience, and trust that resonated with our users. The success of Black Friday 2023 is a stepping stone, and we’re excited to build on this momentum in the days and years to come.

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