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The Best Beds Now on Lay-By with Dial A Bed - Our Top 5 Picks

The Best Beds on Lay-By with Dial-A-Bed

We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep – it sets us up for a better day, and is one of the crucial starting points to good health overall. And as an enabling tool to guaranteed and consistently beneficial sleep, the top quality bed is step one.

But, because of what the bed lends to ensuring one gets the best slumber possible, many benefits and breakthroughs in design have happened, causing the prices of these vital sleep aids to increase exponentially.

Generally, these prices are a small price to pay for better health, but it’s still a significant, costly hurdle if funds aren’t readily available.

If your sleep is affecting your day-to-day, it may be time for a bed upgrade. But don’t let the high cost of beds exacerbate your sleepless nights. The best beds are now available using lay-by. And LayUp has partnered with a household name in sleep-aid – Dial-A-Bed – to give you the solve for your sleep troubles, but in an affordable way.

Let’s talk beds and lay-by.

Can you buy a bed on lay-by?

Yes, you can lay-by a bed online. In fact, lay-by is becoming increasingly popular as a way to spread the cost of purchasing a brand new bed. With lay-by plans starting from as little as 10% deposit, lay-by allows you to pay off your bed in small amounts over time. Plus, there’s no interest or hidden fees – it’s just one easy payment plan for an affordable and stress-free way to buy your dream bed, and get the sleep that’s going to set you up for health and success.

So go on and lay-by that bed today – Shop with LayUp and Dial-A-Bed now and sleep well knowing you’re benefitting from the right bed for your lifestyle, and that you’ve saved some money too.

Why buy a bed on lay-by?

Lay-by beds offer an affordable way to get the bed of your dreams without breaking the bank. By lay-buying a bed online, you can spread out payments over a period of time and pay off your purchase in comfortable instalments. This makes lay-bys ideal for those who don’t have extra cash to spend on sudden expenses. Plus, lay-by beds often come with interest free repayment plans so you won’t be paying any additional money over the lifespan of your lay-by purchase.

The bottom line is that lay-bys provide an easy and convenient way to bag yourself the perfect bed for less, and enjoy the benefits, without the overwhelming costs.

What are the perks of buying a bed with LayUp?

Are you looking to buy a bed but don’t have the money upfront? With lay-by, you can put down a deposit and make regular payments until your purchase is paid off. This means that you can get the bed of your dreams without having to break the bank. There are many advantages to buying a lay-by bed online, such as flexibility, affordability and convenience.

Let’s discus these benefits here:

  1. Convenience: Buying a bed on lay-by is convenient because it allows you to pay for the bed over a period of time without having to worry about debt or putting too much strain on your finances.
  2. Flexibility: Lay-by agreements are typically very flexible, giving you the ability to choose when payments will be made and how long it will take for the lay-by agreement to end.
  3. Affordability: By making payments over time, lay-bys can make buying large items such as beds more affordable than otherwise would have been possible in one payment upfront.
  4. Multiple Payment Options: You may be able to choose from multiple payment options including credit card, PayPal or direct bank transfer depending on which store you buy from and their payment policies.
  5. Easy Returns & Exchanges: If something goes wrong with your lay-by purchase such as an issue with quality or delivery times, then most stores offer easy returns and exchanges that are included in the lay-by agreement. This means that problems can be quickly resolved without hassle or delay in getting a refund if required.
  6. Peace of Mind: One of the most important benefits of lay-by is the peace of mind it provides. You can rest assured that you have secured your bed and won’t need to worry about it being sold, or becoming unavailable, while you are in the process of paying for it over time.
  7. Supportive Customer Service: When buying a bed lay-by online, make sure to check the customer service policies so that you know what to expect should you experience any issues with your purchase or payments down the line. Many stores offer helpful customer service availability, 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding lay-bys.

The LayUp way is best

At LayUp, you can shop all of your favourites in one place, with zero interest on instalments, and absolutely no credit checks.

Our top bed brand picks from Dial-A-Bed

From Sealy to Dunlopillo beds, we’ve got you covered at LayUp, and Dial-A-Bed. Whether you’re wanting to lay-by online or in-store, our range of lay-by beds is sure to have something that suits you.

Here are LayUp’s top brand picks from Dial-A-Bed to get you started.


Sealy beds are made with a combination of comfort and support in mind. With their PostureTech Core Support technology, they’ll give you just what you need for a great night’s sleep.


Restonic mattresses provide layers of luxury on top of innovative pressure relief technology. As an added bonus, their copper infused foam helps keep your body temperature regulated and your bed fresh.

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine is the ultimate lay-by bed for those looking to lay-by their way to luxury. Their pocket spring range moulds perfectly to your body, making it ideal for couples who want a bed that caters to both of their individual sleep needs.

Forty Winks

Forty Winks lay-by beds boast supportive upper layers designed to reduce disturbances and provide superior comfort. Plus, with anti-bacterial treatments you can be sure that you’re getting a safe and clean sleeping surface.


Dunlopillo lay-by beds have latex comfort tops which conform to your body’s contours, offering natural pressure relief – making them perfect for anyone suffering from back or joint pain. And with an added anti-allergenic layer, you can curb any worries about dust mites and other allergens.

How to lay-by a bed on Dial-A-Bed with LayUp?

Ready to lay-by a bed but not sure where to start? Look no further than Dial-A-Bed with LayUp.

No need for lengthy applications or extra paperwork – simply browse our range of lay-by beds, select your favourite and complete the process online. With fixed payment arrangements, you can lay-by a bed without having to worry about interest charges or hidden fees.

When it comes to lay-by beds, trust LayUp and Dial-A-Bed to provide you with a great selection from top brands such as Sealy, Restonic, Cloud Nine, Forty Winks and Dunlopillo. Lay-by your way to comfort today.

For more on LayUp’s instant lay-by approval with no credit checks, sign up here.

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