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Dial•a•Bed, is changing the way their customers transact by partnering with LayUp.

South Africa’s leading bed retailer, Dial•a•Bed, is changing the way their customers transact by partnering with LayUp. Who is LayUp? We are an online and in-store Lay-By payments solution for businesses and their customers.  

Millions of underbanked South Africans and neighbouring citizens need a credit-free way to pay for goods. Dial•a•Bed recognised a growing need to service these consumers, 

and has partnered with LayUp to offer an easy solution that is opening up more markets and business than ever before. Head of Digital Transformation & E-Commerce at Dial•a•Bed, Janlo Van Den Heever says, “LayUp is a great value-add we are bringing to customers – while increasing the average basket size and lift in conversions.”

In only three months, LayUp has become one of the most utilized alternative payment methods on Dial•a•Bed’s online store. “It’s awesome to see how many consumers are taking up the solution and enjoying the flexibility of interest-free payments that require no credit checks or lengthy background information to get started. This gives the consumer the freedom they need to pay over time and in a way that they prefer – with no risk“, says Andrew Katzwinkel (LayUp’s CEO & Founder).

How does it work?

LayUp provides an easy-to-install plugin through the Magento Marketplace which allowed Dial•a•Bed to quickly and inexpensively get to market with a digital Lay-By product.

LayUp gives businesses the ability to set up the Lay-By payment terms based on their customers and market. The total order value is then broken LayUp down into equal, interest-free weekly or monthly instalments for their customer to pay.

The customer simply selects “Pay it off with LayUp” at checkout and, in three simple steps, has activated and initiated their Dial•a•Bed order on a Lay-By payment plan.

LayUp three step signup process diagram

The customer is able to manage and easily make payments anytime, anywhere through their personalised LayUp Customer Dashboard towards placed orders. LayUp provides timely email reminder notifications, simplifying the process for these savvy customers. 

LayUp handles the end-to-end customer relationship management on behalf of the business, which immediately reduces the cost and administrative burden of the merchant

LayUp’s customer benefits include:

  • Flexible payment plans allow shoppers to pay over time and in a way that suits their budget.
  • No credit checks mean shoppers enjoy instant approval.
  • Customers aren’t charged interest on their purchases. 
  • Customers have the flexibility of paying up sooner if they want to. And, with their own online dashboard, they can pay instalments and manage their payment plans from anywhere, at any time.

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