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LayUp partners with eComplete and lands leading bed retailer

LayUp partners with eComplete and lands leading bed retailer, Dial-a-Bed.

Our partnership with eComplete comes with exciting prospects for the future of e-commerce in South Africa. Self-described as ‘digital obsessives’, eComplete believes that LayUp will position their clients at the forefront of the digital realm.

As future-thinkers, LayUp has identified the needs of millions of unbanked South Africans and foreigners who are looking for other ways to pay for goods and services. How? by revolutionizing the traditional Lay-By method with a smart-tech system that handles all online and in-store instalments for businesses in retail, telco, medical, education, events, and travel sectors.

Leading bed retailer and eComplete client, Dial-a-Bed, has identified this system as an opportunity for growth and is now offering LayUp as a payment method on their online store. With plugin technology and seamless integration on their Magento 2 platform, Dial-a-Bed was set up in minutes with pre-selected payment parameters that best suited their business. Now, their customers have the option of paying off their purchases over six months in interest-free instalments. Previous data has shown a significant increase in basket size and conversion rates as customers are able to buy more at a time.

LayUp’s system has been built to handle multiple payments, collections, and reconciliations. With a merchant dashboard and reporting software that will reduce your admin costs and ensure that you are paid in full before you release the goods, your business can enjoy lower risk with every sale made.

So, how does layup work for customers?

brand resources how it works

The LayUp experience can be broken down into five simple steps:

With instant benefits, LayUp is paving the way for customers with thin credit files to shop their way and enjoy:

  • Instant approval
  • No credit checks – a fast and accessible payment option for everyone
  • Zero interest – customers can pay over time with no hidden fees, not even late fees
  • Since it’s credit-free, foreigners and U18’s are welcome to use LayUp

We’re on a mission to open up new markets for businesses by making it possible for millions of people to purchase goods/services without credit. And, your customers can make instalments from anywhere and at any time.

This is an exciting advancement for the digital Lay-By landscape and one that we feel will set the tone for the second half of 2021.

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