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Give Your Credit Report a Breather - Buy with LayUp

Give Your Credit Report a Breather, Buy with LayUp!

We all love a good shop – especially the online kind.

But whether it’s for an urgent addition to the kitchen, a new bed for a growing kid, or just that cool new gadget we really want, it’s our credit report that often has to absorb the financial blow.

But what if we told you, there is a way to shop for the things you need and want, right now, and buy them without putting your credit status in the firing line?

It’s called the lay-by – you get to essentially buy without credit. And at Lay-Up, we’ve developed a pioneering payment plan, alongside a range of world-class brands and businesses, to let you buy and buy, pay off, and then when you’re all squared up, have your purchase debt-free.

Interested? Read on for more on how it works.

How will Lay-by Take your Payments?

Lay-by is a popular payment method that allows you to make payments towards your purchase over time, without having to pay the full amount upfront.

One of the main benefits of lay-by is that it makes purchasing items much more affordable, as you only need to pay small amounts at regular intervals instead of paying the entire sum up front. Additionally, many retailers offer discounts or incentives when you choose to use lay-by, making this payment option even more appealing.

Whether you are buying something big and expensive like a new TV or refrigerator, or simply want to order some discounted clothes online, lay-by can help make your purchase more affordable and manageable.

So how does lay-by actually take your payments? Typically, you put down a deposit and then pay instalments at regular intervals, usually every few weeks or months. You take delivery of your goods once the final instalment is paid. And if you run into any issues with making your payments on time, many retailers and lay-by facilitators offer flexible payment options that can help make things easier for you. So regardless of what you are buying, lay-by is a convenient and affordable way to manage your payments and get the items you want.

Click here to see how it works with LayUp.

Buy Without Credit – How do I Apply for Lay-by?

Looking to apply for a lay-by on your next purchase? Here’s how, with any of LayUp’s world-class partners:

  1. Create a payment plan – Select LayUp at the checkout or point of sale and configure your payment plan. This will detail your instalments, whether they’re split into weekly or monthly payments, and your payment date. You choose.
  2. Sign up – Fill out the form to sign up. Once you have, activate your lay-by with the stipulated, required deposit, either via EFT, cash or card.
  3. Pay your instalments – Make sure you do, every week, or month, depending on your chosen frequency. We’ll send you timely reminders so you can stay on track.
  4. Once you’re all paid up, your purchase will be on its way to you, or ready for you to collect.

Benefits of Lay-by

Looking to make a big purchase, but don’t have the cash on hand right now? Lay-by might be just what you need! With this convenient payment option, you can pay off your purchase over time, while still enjoying all of the benefits that come with it.

Some of the key benefits of lay-by include flexibility and convenience. You can choose how long you want to spread out your payments, making it easy to fit this payment method into your budget. And because there are no credit checks or interest rates involved, you won’t have to worry about accumulating debt as you work towards paying off your purchase.

Other advantages of lay-by include peace of mind and security. Since your items aren’t delivered until you’ve paid them off in full, there’s no risk of losing your purchase if you change your mind. Additionally, with lay-by, you can shop with confidence knowing that all of your items are protected by a warranty or guarantee.

The LayUp Advantage

At LayUp we take it next level. Here’s what you get:

  • No credit checks
  • Zero interest
  • Instant approval
  • A debt-free payment method
  • Remote payment options – pay online, from anywhere
  • No ID needed

So, if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to make a big purchase today and pay it off over time, lay-by is definitely worth considering. And if you want all the above benefits, from some truly influential retailers, shop now with LayUp.

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