LayUp’s Point of Sales app puts digitised Lay-By into the hands of consumers with Dashpay

Trialling the terminal: Our mobile POS app

Our Point of Sales app is transforming Lay-By with a digital-first approach to payments. Available now on iOS and Android devices.

Trialling the terminal: Our mobile POS app

In Soweto, we are busy trialling the wireless 4G N910 terminal in partnership with Dashpay to increase awareness of the potential for digital payments in the region.

With over 20 million people who do not have access to credit, there’s a desperate need to make payments easier across the board. Traditional Lay-By solutions help this, but customers do not enjoy any convenience from digital payments. With the LayUp terminal app, merchants are given a digital solution for in-store AND online merchants to mobilise their payments plans.

This means we’re looking at a way for people to take an easy payments solution straight to the customer. It’s a mobile meaningful method. 

The mobile terminal solves a massive problem in the market, opening up access to millions who are locked out of the economy by offering an interest-free payment solution to a wide part of the population. The idea behind the solution is to build a platform for people who have not engaged with digital payments before, without the risk of them incurring any debt.

Here’s how the mobile POS app works:

  1. A salesman with the terminal goes to a customer’s household, with different product options available for sale.
  2. From there, the customer selects the product they want to buy and the salesman generates a payment plan in a few easy steps
  3. The user is verified via a one-step OTP sign-up process, no paperwork needed
  4. The user then pays the initial deposit (with cash, debit or credit) to secure the product. This starts the payment journey.
  5. Once registered, the customer has access to their own dashboard where they can log in, view, and manage their payment with monthly instalments until their plan is complete. 
  6. Once the full payment has been completed, the customer receives their purchase.

It’s simple, seamless, and solves the problem of a lack of access to digital funding. 

The payments terminal is both available for mobile merchants AND in-store!

The technology is a win-win. More customers gain access to digital payments (with zero interest rates!) and merchants save time and money, reducing administrative costs. The system is designed to track and reconcile all information, keeping all payments transparent and making the process of managing online or in-store Lay-Bys hassle-free.

Article by: LayUp Technologies

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