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Lay-by Holidays? With LayUp & Mdluli Safari Lodge It’s Possible

The lay-by has brought about two fundamental changes to the way we shop. Firstly, opening up limitless possibilities when searching for the things we really need and want, and secondly alleviating the financial burden that can come with buying some of the bigger ticket items. With lay-by, getting those items is easier, because the nature of paying with lay-by, is that it’s a smarter, more financially sound way of shopping.

That’s all very well and good with tangible items – appliances, electronics, and top-quality furniture. But what about something intangible, like a holiday?

Well, with LayUp, and Mdluli Safari Lodge, buying a holiday with lay-by is possible too.

What is a lay-by holiday?

Lay-by holidays are the perfect way to ensure that you get your dream vacation booked in advance. With a lay-by, you don’t have to worry about paying for the entire cost of your holiday upfront – instead, you can pay off the balance in instalments over time. This means that saving for that much needed break or special occasion just got so much easier. Plus, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that all aspects of your trip (flights, accommodation etc.) are already locked in.

How does a lay-by holiday work?

Lay-by holidays are a great way to plan your dream vacation without blowing the bank. Instead of paying for it all upfront, you can spread out your payments over time – allowing you to make manageable instalments until you have enough saved up for your getaway.

It’s like having a holiday savings account that pays off in spades. You can lay-by your holiday with just a deposit, and then pay it off over 10-12 weeks (or longer, depending on the agreement) with no interest charged. And when that final instalment is paid, you’ll be off on an adventure of a lifetime.

The benefits of lay-bying a holiday with LayUp?

Looking for the perfect holiday but don’t have the cash to make it happen? Don’t sweat it – lay-by your holiday with LayUp and get ready for some serious relaxation.

Here are just a few of the brilliant benefits that you can look forward to when you lay-by your holiday with us:

  • Convenience – no need to worry about finding the time or money to pay upfront. Just organise your instalments through our secure online platform, and start counting down the days until take off.
  • Flexibility – manage each step of the process from home, at any hour of day or night. It’s so much easier than having to hunt down a travel agent during their office hours.
  • Peace of mind – with LayUp, you can rest assured that your holiday dreams are safe and secure. We provide 24/7 customer support for any queries you might have along the way.

So don’t delay, lay-by your holiday with LayUp today and get ready to make some unforgettable memories.  With our simple lay-by process and competitive prices, it’s never been easier to turn your travel dreams into reality.

Things to see and do at Mdluli Safari Lodge

Are you dreaming of an African safari for your next big trip? Look no further than Mdluli Safari Lodge, where you can lay-by your holiday and start planning for the trip of a lifetime. Mdluli is synonymous with luxury, offering guests a unique wildlife experience with stunning views and unparalleled service. From game drives to bush walks to sundowners at one of the nearby waterholes, there is something for everyone at Mdluli Safari Lodge. Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable family vacation or simply need some time away from it all, this is the perfect destination – here’s what you can enjoy when you visit.

  1. Take a guided safari game drive – Explore the African bushveld with an experienced guide and spot some of the big five.
  2. Enjoy exciting activities – Mdluli Safari Lodge offers plenty of adventurous activities like fishing, archery, mountain biking and more.
  3. Go on a romantic sunset cruise – Relax while you take in the stunning views of the Klaserie River on a serene sunset cruise.
  4. Experience exceptional customer service – Receive top-notch customer service from knowledgeable staff who will be happy to help make your stay at Mdluli Safari Lodge unforgettable.
  5. Dine under starlit skies – Enjoy delicious food cooked by passionate chefs in spectacular outdoor settings surrounded by stars and nature’s beauty.

How to lay-by a holiday package with Mdluli Safari Lodge

Lay-bying your holiday is simple: just choose your desired package from our website or contact us directly to discuss an individualised experience. Then, pay a small deposit to secure your booking. From there, LayUp and Mdluli will work with you over the next few months to spread out the payments until it’s fully paid off in time for your departure date. 

The best part about lay-by holidays is that it’s easy and low-cost. With no hefty upfront payments, all you need to do is book online and make regular instalments until the total cost is paid off. Then, simply wait for your dream holiday to become reality.

When you’re ready for that next much-needed getaway, LayUp and Mdluli Lodge are ready to help you make it happen.

For more on LayUp’s instant lay-by approval with no credit checks, sign up here.

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