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June highlights

June Highlights

LayUp’s New Website Is Live

LayUp has transformed into something so much more than a payment solution and our new website represents this exciting growth!

  • For in-store merchants, we’ve launched our new Flagship iOS & Android apps to service SME businesses. Turn your Lay-by book into a digitized centralized system that is secure, convenient and scalable. No integration costs and the App is free to download. 

New Payment Products

  • We’ve just launched TWO new payment products; Subscriptions and Recurring Billing payments. See how these payment methods can automate and digitize a lot of your businesses manual processes. Access these payment methods through our API or plugins. 
  • The slick user experience helps visitors navigate between the business and shopper sections seamlessly. This better represents the value we’re bringing to shoppers who want to buy without using credit and how we enable businesses through recurring payment technology. 
  • The shopper experience provides a much better search function and navigation tool. We have onboarded 100’s of new merchants and we continue to add new merchants every month. (Add link to shop page) 

If you’re a business and would like to learn more about LayUp’s solutions, visit our contact us page. We’d love to hear from you. 

Merchant News

June was a momentous month for LayUp. We partnered with retailers, Union Tiles and WeFix; leading enterprises in their respective industries as well as the JSE listed company CalgroM3. 

Union Tiles & Calgro M3 decided to launch LayUp’s App using the Newland Card Terminal machine in-store. This required no integration which allowed us to deploy, train and launch the solution across the gauteng region in under a week. 

LayUp integrated with weFix’s eCommerce store through our Shopify plugin. With a 10% deposit, shoppers can Lay-By any pre-loved devices and pay it off in 6 months or less. Here are the 5 major benefits LayUp shoppers are seeing when using LayUp; 

  1. The checkout amount can be anything. The sky is your limit. 
  2. Have multiple payment plans going at any given time. That’s cool. 
  3. Pay up sooner to get your items. Wait, what? 
  4. It’s the perfect way to spread your payments without using credit. Oh yes!

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