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How to Save on that Engagement Ring

How to Save on that Engagement Ring!

Thinking about getting engaged?

It’s a big deal, and sometimes a process rife with things to get right. The diamond – how big should it be? Ring design – better listen closely for vital bits of info from your significant other. How much to spend – is it really 3 months’ salary like everyone says?

All pertinent questions – no pressure!

Good news, though. Lay-up is here to alleviate one quite stressful part of this process. The financing of that shiny little ring and rock – so small yet so important.

How? Well, through lay-by – because that’s what we do.

Let’s talk.

How our Lay-by Program Help When you Need That Engagement Ring

With LayUp’s lay-by programme, you can take all the stress out of shopping for the perfect engagement ring. Simply choose your desired ring style, with the components you love, via our illustrious partners in the jewellery game. Then pay a small deposit and make your regular monthly payments. When you’re paid up, the ring is yours – debt-free, and no strings attached.

Our lay-by programme makes getting your dream engagement ring simple and affordable. How?

  • No credit checks
  • Zero interest
  • Instant approval
  • A debt-free payment method
  • Remote payment options – pay online, from anywhere
  • No ID needed

We’ve got the money side covered, so you can focus on planning for the engagement ring that’s going to help you get that ‘yes’.

The Benefits of No Credit Checks Done, When Wanting an Engagement Ring

A lay-by offers fast and easy access to items you want – like engagement rings. Choose this payment method for an unexpected expense or simply to manage your cash flow more effectively. Here are a few benefits:

Lay-by business won’t look into your credit score

With no credit checks required, lay-by businesses won’t have any reason to look into your credit history or score. This means that you’ll be able to get what you need and pay it off, without having to deal with the stress and anxiety of worrying about your credit status.

The process is fast

With a lay-by plan, you can get the item you need fast, without having to wait around for approval on credit. Plus, the entire process is simple and straightforward, making it an ideal option for anyone looking to shop without all the hassle of credit.

It demands fewer requirements

A no-credit check lay-by needs fewer requirements than other financing options. Instead of needing to provide extensive documentation or meet certain credit score thresholds, you can quickly and easily get approval simply by making an initial deposit and committing to regular payments over time.

The Requirements of Buy Now and Pay Later with No Credit Checks

Simply, with a service like LayUp, you can easily purchase items that might otherwise be out of reach, whether it’s a new TV, smartphone, or indeed that illustrious engagement ring.

The requirements are simple – just provide proof of income and identity, and you’re good to go!

How LayUp Can Help Customers Reach Their Dreams

We simply take away the unnecessary noise – the paperwork, the waiting periods, the bureaucracy – and we illuminate an obstacle-free path to the things you want and need to buy.

LayUp is free to use, with no interest charged. You can shop online or in-store, and you can shop responsibly – so, no credit, no debt and all via a payment plan you can easily manage.

And then at the end of it all, your purchase is yours, no strings attached. All that’ll be left for you to do is pop the question.

Lay-by never looked this good.

So, click here for a payment solution that lets you buy without credit.

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