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Case Study: LayUp’s Incentivised Cash-Back Plan for Cellucity

Customers were incentivised to pay off their Cellucity/LayUp instalments by 28 December 2023, entitling them to a 10% cash-back on their order.

The Power of a Discount

Capturing a customer’s attention in a competitive online or in-store marketplace can be challenging. To help boost conversion rates and subsequently augment revenue, an understanding of consumer purchasing patterns, customer requirements, and incentives is crucial.

Seizing the value of saving, LayUp Payments collaborated with Cellucity to implement an innovative, incentivised plan, aiming to encourage customers to settle their instalments sooner and receive a tempting 10% cash-back.

Key Statistics

Customers who made purchases at Cellucity and selected a LayUp payment plan within a specified timeframe were granted an exclusive 10% cash-back on their total order. Notably, 57% of users completed their orders within the stipulated period, achieving the payment goal through two-part payments. 

Allowing customers time to accumulate earnings over two pay cycles resulted in a prioritised approach to payment, ensuring they acquired their devices without incurring unnecessary debt. All 57% of users utilised debit cards or Account 2 Account payments, affirming that customers placed a higher value on savings than credit and were duly rewarded for this preference.

What our merchants have to say:

“LayUp – a game-changer for online lay-bys! With no credit checks or interest, our customers enjoy maximum satisfaction at no additional cost or risk, while we benefit from the increased basket value.” – Nic Clainos, Cellucity Group 

Cash-back Value Customer Received: R20,500

Merchant Revenue Over the Campaign: +R500k

Debit Card Preference: 57%

Average Order Value: R 7,000

  • Average of 3.5 payments per order

Customer Return Rate: 64/392 customers returned to make additional purchases with Cellucity, accounting for 20% growth.

Payment Behaviour: Average of 3.5 payments per order, of which 92% of customers prefer paying by card over EFT.

Marketing Efforts

LayUp’s marketing team utilised weekly consumer email campaigns to enhance conversion rates, boost sales, and increase payment completions. Eight dedicated consumer mailers were sent to an audience of 25,000 subscribers, with a click-through rate of +20%. 

Implementing targeted marketing campaigns resulted in positive social media reach, enhancing customer engagement and increasing brand visibility. A total of two posts were shared on Facebook and Instagram.

Reminder! If you’ve bought a device on LayUp with Cellucity, you get a fantastic 10% back when your instalments are settled by 28 December. Time to upgrade and save!

Cellucity x LayUp Case Study

New 2024 Deal

In conjunction with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24, LayUp and Cellucity join forces again, incentivising customers with an attractive deal. When taking up a payment plan with LayUp, customers receive not only the device but also a complimentary Samsung 45W Super Charger, a premium accessory valued at R899. 

This partnership aims to elevate the customer and brand experience, providing added value and convenience to those opting for LayUp’s payment solutions. 

Make Your Mark

LayUp’s incentivised cash-back campaign successfully impacted customer behaviour, reflected in increased order placements, a higher return rate, and enhanced brand loyalty. The 10% discount incentive proved effective in accelerating payment cycles, with a notable influence on average order value and payment preferences.

The collaboration between LayUp and Cellucity showcases the potential for innovative payment solutions in driving and incentivising e-commerce success. 

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