Financially empowering shoppers

SA's first Digital Lay-By system

LayUp offers you a way to pay via easy instalments before receiving the product.

Flexible payments built for shoppers


What you want


layup logoat checkout


Instant approval

Pay it off

Select a payment plan that suits you


Receive the item once payment is complete

Shop your way

Looking for a better way to pay over time? LayUp is an interest-free payment solution that let’s you buy without using credit.

Instant approval

Activate your payment plan in less than a minute. No forms. No paperwork.


You won’t be charged interest, ever.

No credit checks

We don’t do credit checks.

Foreigners welcome

No ID required.

Shop your way

Select LayUp at checkout

Choose what you want to purchase and create a LayUp account in seconds.

Choose your payment terms

Activate your payment plan with a small deposit and pay over time. Always interest-free.

Make payments online from anywhere

We’ll help you reach your goals with timely reminders so you never miss a payment.

To learn more, visit www.layup.co.za