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Simple, Smart, Instalments

LayUp is free to use with no interest charged.
Simple, smart payments changing the way Africa transacts.

A payment solution that lets you buy without using credit

No credit checks:

LayUp is a credit-free payment alternative that lets anyone make purchases without using credit.

Zero interest:

Instalments are interest-free. You won’t be charged late fees or penalties for missing a payment, ever.

Debt-free payment method:

LayUp is not a credit provider, so you will never be at risk of attracting interest or incurring debt.

How it works?

1. Select LayUp before checkout

Simply create an account and select LayUp before you checkout.

Create Payment Plan - Online

2. Choose your payment terms

Activate your payment plan with a small deposit and break down the total cost into more affordable monthly payments that fit your budget.

Customer Sign Up - Online

3. Get notified automatically

Make payments anytime, anywhere through a personalised dashboard. Get timely notifications to stay on track and complete your payment plan on time.

Payment completion

Why LayUp?

Pay online

Pay instalments online, wherever and whenever from any device.

Flexible payments

Pay up before the original set payment date to receive your purchase sooner.

No hidden fees

LayUp is not a credit provider, so you’ll never be at risk of attracting interest, incurring debt or paying penalties.

Safe & Secure

LayUp is PASA and TTTP approved.

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